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Create your own stop motion movies

Dragonframe is a professional tool that lets users create stop motion movies and animation.

There are quite a few programs let users create and edit animations on their PC. There are even tools specifically for making stop motion movies, like MonkeyJam. Dragonframe is one of these stop motion animation creation and editing tools.

The concept of stop motion movies

Stop motion movies are a type of animation that is based on frames captured one by one to be joined into a video file. If done correctly, the frames merge to create seamless movement within the movie. It takes patience to create even just a short stop motion animation clip. Dragonframe helps make sure everything lines up, from motion to sound and more.

Features and required equipment

To use Dragonframe properly, you're going to need a camera to take the frames you'll be merging to create your clip or movie. Then it's just about editing and tweaking to ensure everything lines up to your liking.

Dragonframe comes with a lot of cool features that include tabbed workspaces to make it easy to jump from project to project, a timeline editor and even a comprehensive lip-sync system for adding dialog to your movie. In addition, vector-based drawing tools allow you to resize, rotate and adjust any objects you've drawn onscreen. The scaling is also quite smooth.


Beginners will find that a substantial amount of time will be taken up with learning how to navigate Dragonframe's expansive interface. Installation can also be a little bit of a pain. Dragonframe requires version 7.2.0 or higher of Apple's QuickTime or else the program won't even open. Testing revealed that a PC restart was required for Dragonframe to recognize the QuickTime update. Once recognized though, the program is quick to open and you can begin your stop motion movie making experience.

For a comprehensive and feature-rich way to create stop motion movies, look no further than Dragonframe.


  • Nice looking interface
  • Includes timeline editor
  • Comprehensive lip-sync system
  • Vector-based drawing tools


  • Doesn't always recognize that QuickTime is installed
  • Very complicated for beginners

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Dragonframe for PC

  • Trial version
  • In English
  • V 3.5.1
  • 3.2
  • (89)
  • Security Status

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